I don't need a catchy title, it was all I could do to write the dang post

Blogging takes a lot of brain power, which I have been lacking in a major way. After studying all week and then taking my exam last Thursday my brain was officially fried.  I tried blogging a few times but ended up just staring at the scream with a blank face - having no clue what to type..  It's like I studied so hard that it made me stupid.  What's up with that?  Today I finally feel like there's a brain cell in my head and so I thought I'd give blogging another shot.

Lots has happened in the past week.  On Saturday Jadon and I drove down to Utah to run the Draper Trail Challenge.  We arrived a little too late and the race director was lining up runners while I was still putting my shoes on.  We did make it to the start in time luckily.   Jadon signed up to run the 15 mile run and I signed up to run the 7 mile course.  He's trained more than me lately and I wanted to end the race feeling GREAT, not like I'd just been run over by a truck.  The course was beautiful.  Winding single track trail going up and down and in and out and all over through the trees.  I love running trails like that.  The first few miles of the race were all UP.  Which means though that at some point I was going to get to go down, my favorite.  At mile 4 the 7 mile course turned off and got my "euphoric moment" of flying down a trail in the mountains, all alone, feeling like a own the wold.  It's the best feeling ever.  Brought tears to my eays I loved it so much.  It was that way all the way till the finish.  I finished in 1:00:42.  I came in 2nd Place Overall as well!!!

After my race I did a short cool down run, stretched, rehydrate and waited to see Jadon cross the finish line.

and here he comes!!!!!
Jadon was beat tired and I was glad I decided to only run the 7 miles.  He did great though and I'm supper proud of him.  I'm the one who got him hooked on running and now he's showing me up. 

The rest of the day was spent eating out at Chilli's (they have a gluten free menu) walking around to loosen our legs, and going to Elanor's Gluten Free Bakery for some celebration treats."

Our next race was only 2 days away - Memorial Day.  So once again we woke up way too early to drive to Park City for a 5k race.  The only problem...this is what it looked like outside - yucky

Memorial Day Morning 2011

Memorial Day Morning 2011

The weather didn't look very promising but we decided to go for it anyways.  The race start was cold, overcast and drizzling, but it was only a 5K it wasn't too big of a deal.  At the starting line I told Jadon, "I think we can win this"  He gave we a questioning look but agreed to try.  So on "GO"  we took off, planning to win.  There was only one boy in front of us and I could tell that he had gone out too hard with youthful enthusuasim and would soon be burned out.  Sure enough about 1 mile into the race we passed him and like Rosa Parks, we maintained our position at the front of the bus..er..er....I mean....race. 

We crossed the finish line together, tieing for first place.  That was really special to me!  I love running with Jadon, and I SUPER LOVE winning with him.! We spent the afternoon in Park City.  Eating Lunch at Ruby Tuesday (which also has a gluten free menu) and going to see a movie.  We had to sit in the front seat at the movie and my neck is still recovering from that.  Why on earth do theaters even put chairs that close, it's ridiculous.  I still had a great time and laughed alot

stretching after the 5K

we're #1
 Ok, now a few updates from CLEAN!  Today I'm on day #10  I'm still liking it.  The only things I every crave are baked goods, pies, rolls, bars etc - but that's nothing new - if it was healthy I'd live on dessert.  In an effort to cure my pie craving I created an Apple Pie Smoothie - it tasted like drinkable dessert!

Apple Pie Smoothie

I think that's all the food I remembered to take pictures up.  But a few other favorite soups or smoothies have been a...
Mango, Apricot, Avocado Smoothie
Chilled Cucumber & Greens Soup
Mango, Pineapple, Chia Smoothie

I have a lot of exciting things coming up.  I'm rockin a new hair cut today and I LOVE it!  Also, there is a "rumor" that I may get another piercing in celebration of passing my NCSF Exam.  So I have decisions to make about that.   Also Saturday is my birthday and the evening before my birthday we're going to an Iron & Wine concert.  I couldn't be happier!!!!


What kind of piercing should I get.  I've always wanted my eyebrow pierced but I could also add on to my ears.

Do you have any great smoothie or soup recipes?  Send them my way! I'd love to try some new things

Describe your perfect birthday!


  1. Woooohoooooo happy birthday Saturday!!!

    CANNOT believe the weather you guys have had!! It's been raining here pretty much nonstop for about a week lol but the last time we saw snow was in early May and I think we're done for the year!


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