Packing and Pondering

The past two or three days have been a rollercoaster. Jadon and I are packing to move to Kemmerer Wyoming. We leave tommorrow on the 8th and there is still so much to do. I worked for a moving company and I never found myself trying to beat the clock. But here in my own house the list is endless and time is running out.
It's also a very emotional time. I'm totally excited to be going to Wyoming, but I'm also trying to say all of my last goodbyes here in Iowa. I never thought of myself as a sentimental person, but suddenly I'm thinking things like, "this is the last time I'll walk down this road" or "what if I never mop this floor again" or "I wonder if I'll miss the humidity" (no actually I've never thought that last one). Anyways all of a sudden I'm thinking about it and it is a little sad, but yet there is to much to do to even stop and dwell on any of those feelings. So I have a feeling that once we load the budget truck and start driving west I'll finally be free to think about it all. And that means I'll either be laughing or have a very soggy face.
Well with those few words I better get back to work or I'll lose my momentum!


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