God is Good

I went running today and I decided to treat Iowa like Wyoming. I considered all the land, public land and I went off roading. It was blast. I had Maya with me and together we ran through corn fields, hay fields, ditches and tree lines. There were deer tracks everywhere and Maya was going nuts trying to keep up with all the new scents. The sun was also going down and it was beautiful.
The whole run was exhilerating. As I ran I was overwhelmed with how amazing God is. He created it all, He gave me the ability and the strength to be running, He blessed me with a dog who loves to run more than I ever will, or ever want to, He gave me the most wonderful husband in the world, He provides for all my needs, and He blesses me with much more than I deserve. So as I ran I cried too, out of awe and gratitude to God.
Looking back I realize it may have been one of my most dangerous runs. It was dusk, the terrain was uneven and unpredictable, I wasn't following a road, I wasn't watching my feet, my vision was blurred by my tears and I hadn't told anyone where I was going. But then, sometimes we have to do something a little dangerous to more fully see God.


  1. Audrey, I read your blog and smiled and laughed little chuckles inside. The nasal congestion analogies are great. Do you think long on these or just smack it down however it hits? Molly and I are really looking forward to Thanksgiving. You should do something prankish to Adam Monaghan for me. He said that if your house blows up, he's coming to our house for Thanksgiving. Love,

  2. Dear Audrey,

    I loved the thoughts in your risky run, not that I think running at dusk is wise. I felt your heartbeat and your love for God. I wept with joy inside for you. I love you two so so so so much.



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