Mixed Feelings About Snow

It's snowing outside right now. It's our first snow of the year and I have mixed feelings about it. When it first started coming down, I was at work, I felt all cheery and jittery inside when I looked outside and saw the flakes drifting down. Then when I was walking back to my car and the snow was blasting me in the face my feelings changed a little. I didn't feel like an excited kid anymore. I felt cold, and wet and all I could think is, "you're almost there, you're almost there" Driving home in the snow brought out even more feelings, such as, fear, inpatience, annoyance, tension, anxiety, and relief once I was home. And now that I am home with Jadon and there is a fire in the fire place and it's warm and cozy, I feel.... cuddly (that's not really a feeling, but that's how I feel) and at ease and totally content. So, all that to say, "It's snowing outside, and I have mixed feelings about it"

It's gotta snow sometime, might as well be today!


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