Nasal Congestion

So, I read Jadon's blog and decided I wanted one of my own. I'm not to great with computers and technology but really this isn't too hard.
I've been sick at home all day so setting up my blog gave me something to do as well. Hopefully I'm not to out of it to make sense.
So this is what I feel like right now. I feel kind of like a baby, my head feels much bigger than my body. It actually feels like it could explode. There is this pressure behind my eyeballs that makes me feel like a whipcream can. It's all pressurized in there. And I sure wish someone could push on the side of my head and make it all come out.
But alas, we all know that nasal congestion doesn't play the game that easily. No, it makes you sniff until you feel light headed and then blow until your nose is raw. If you lean to the left, it leans too, if you lean to the right, it leans too. But, the neat thing about it is that it's like a sippy cup. You can lean, and it will slosh, but it doesn't spill.
However, when you are least expecting it, it will suddenly pour from your nose in a stream that almost resembles water.
So in between nose blowings, medicating myselft and drinking, drinking, drinking like my mom said I've done almost nothing today. But others tell me that sometimes it's hard for me to take a break and relax, so maybe this is just what I needed.
Hopefully I can be back in the saddle tommorrow


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