People Watching

I love watching people, and working at starbucks I get a chance to see so many different people. Today a man came in with his dress shirt untucked and buttoned up wrong. I told him he was looking little casual. He said he had picked up his work clothes from the dry cleaners on his way to work and had changed while he was driving. He didn't seem to care that he was rumbled and crooked. He said he would get it together after he drank his coffee.
There are also two indian men who come in and order a Grande Brewed Coffee with an extra cup. Then they go over to the condiment bar and split the coffee and fill the rest of their cup of with milk. They've figured out that it's cheaper that way. They take turns paying.
There is a blind man who comes in almost every day. I love helping him. He is so cheerful and friendly and it's fun to tell him what all the pastries look like so that he knows what he wants to order.
Another man orders a shot of espresso, then downs it in one gulp at the bar and walks out. And there is a lady who insists on having red sprinkles on every single drink she orders. Everyday I look forward to who I will meet. God has made so many beautiful, hilarious, and completely original people. What a joy to see just a few of them


  1. Dear Audrey,

    Love your new blog. Neat picture. Hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving. We'll miss you and Jadon. We love you bushels and more.



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