Thanksgiving Details

I've been wanting to blog all weekend, but somehow never found the time. For some reason I was wide awake an hour before my alarm went off so here I am blogging (actually I know why I'm awake, it's because on almost every other morning I wake up at 4 a.m. for work, so 6 a.m. is actually "sleeping in")
Thanksgiving weekend has been full and fun. Adam came to spend Thanksgiving with us and it was a blast. We started our Thanksgiving with a 5 mile Turkey Trot at the snowy, freezing Iowa State Fairgrounds. During the first mile I have to admit I was a little ticked to be running in frigid weather, "just for the fun of it". But after that my competitiveness kicked in and I knew I was going to finish the race.
As with every race I run, I'm always amazed at the different styles of running. Some people make amazing progress moving in what seems to be very unconventional ways. There was a man in front of us who had a profound waddle and yet he covered ground quickly. Running is the greatest sport because everyone has there own technique and as long as your moving, it really doesn't matter. I'm sure I have a funny looking run too. I know other people in my family do and so I'm sure my run looks a lot like theirs (Aaron - the leg flinging, deer run and Nathaniel - the bowlegged, ball kicking run). So anyways, Jadon, Adam and I all ran a wonderful Turkey Trot, which not to mention is another form of running.
For Thanksgiving we met some friends at Cracker Barrel. I found out that the only restaurants open on Thanksgiving are Cracker Barrel, Village Inn, Perkins and Quik Trip. So we figured Cracker Barrel was our best option, and even though we had to wait over an hour, it was definitely the best choice.
I've never been a fan of turkey and stuffing and all that. I do like gravy, but that doesn't make a meal. So, I had one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I've ever had. I had Catfish and Fried Okra. It was wonderful. I think that instead of everyone acting like the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner is their favorite meal and pigging out on it, people should truly make and eat their favorite food and more fully enjoy the feeling of fullness. If Thanksgiving is an "eating day" why not make it your favorite. I think next year I'll have fried mushrooms, scallops, a salad with honey mustard dressing and raspberry pie with lots of whip cream, unless of course I have some new favorites by then.
My time is quickly running out so before I go I also wanted to mention my hair. I got it chopped off. Kind of on a whim. At 2:00 I told Jadon I was tired of my hair because it was hard to put it up and then wear a hat in the winter. I wanted something that I could just pull a hat over and not worry about it getting messed up. At 3:00 I called the hair lady and set up an appointment. At 4:00 I looked up hair styles on the Internet and at 5:00 I got it whacked off. I like it, it's simple, it's fun and as far as I'm concerned hair is a commodity, you can play with it because it will always grow back. I'll email some pictures around.
Well the alarm should be going off right now so I'm going get started on my day. Until next time, Over and Out!


  1. if you're having what you say you're having next Thanksgiving I coming for sure!! Love you. you're hair looks great!


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