Using up a gift card

Where do they keep the 24 year old, married, modest, outdoorsy, sporty, slightly classy clothing in a department store?
Today Jadon and I went shopping. I was looking for a pare of black or kahki pants. I didn't think it would be too hard. Wrongo! The pants I found were either extra low rise, stretch, extra flare, extra tight, making me look like I was trying to be one of Jadon's students instead of his wife. Or the pants were high rise, pleated, spandex waste, with a tappered leg, making me look like elementary librarian. I just wanted a normal pair of pants. I wanted to look 24, not 13, or 52.
After much searching I found one working pair of pants.
I wish someone would just hang one of those signs above the single, solitary rack of normal pants that says, "start here". But then it wouldn't be "shopping", it would just be called "finding" oh well!


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