What to do?

So, the strangest thing happened today. After working all morning, going for a run and doing some cleaning I was looking forward to a leisurely soak in the the bath tub. I had just gotten in, the water was still running as the tub filled up. When the temp was right and the tub was full, I went to turn the water off. To my disappointment the hot water would not turn off. I twisted the knob as hard as I could and still hot water poured from the faucet. Well, since I had just gotten in I decided to continue bathing and worry about it when I was done. It was the fastest bath I've ever taken. Most baths end with a person climbing out because their water has gotten cold. Not this one. I was soon leaping out because I was being boiled alive. I did make it out safely, and what dirt I didn't have time to scrub off was definately seared off.
Earlier that day Jadon and I discussed what to do with our Saturday evening. We tossed different ideas around like going to watch a movie, staying home to watch a movie, going shoping and things like that. We never totally decided what we were going to do though. We soon found that it didn't matter though. Sometimes you make plans and other times life makes the decisions for you. We hadn't even considered the option of working on plumbing, going to pick up parts and yelling "ok, here it goes", "is it on?" "is it dripping?" "is it still dripping?" over and over to eachother through the walls of the house.
Our options were so limited. I can't believe we didn't think of plumbing problems as a Saturday evening event. Maybe we'll do it again sometime. Hopefully not too soon though, I wouldn't want to overdo it and get tired of it.


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