Snow Day

It's a snow day! I know I put an exclamation mark after that but I'm not sure if I'm feeling that exclamation or not. If I was in 3rd grade and I got to stay home from school and sled at Blairtown Park I might be feeling that exclamation point, but I'm not. So, let me rephrase that. It's a snow day. Just plain and simple. It's a matter of fact. I have had very relaxing morning but now it's getting close to noon and I wish it was nice enough to get out. But it's really not. There has been freezing rain since 6 a.m. so it's slick out there to say the least. Unless it warms up a little we won't be going out at all today. So here goes a slow Saturday indoors. I'll probably do some crafts, clean a little, read my book, "Kite Runner"(if you're looking for a good snow day book to read I highly recommend "Kite Runner") watch a movie with Jadon, maybe take Maya for a walk. That's about it. I guess for the Type B personalities out there today would be their dream day, but for me, the Type A person, it's a little too slow, and a little too confining. I'm going to make the best of it though and be thankful for all the days that aren't snow days! (That exclamation is for real :-)


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