The Ultimate Workouts

It's been ages since I've blogged. Our computer is on the fritz and hooking up the laptop takes a little more work. So I've put in the effort and here I am with the laptop, blogging.
I'm not totally sure what I'll blog about yet though. Um, the fact that there is snow on the ground from November and it's -10 degrees outiside. - Nope. How the garbage truck hit our expedition this morning. - Naw. How I beat Jadon at a very intense game of checkers last night. - I shouldn't. I've got it. My topic is, "How middle aged women us weight room equipment incorrectly" - Perfect.

Yesterday, Jadon and I went to Snap Fitness for a little work out. Before we even went inside Jadon started laughing. I looked in the front window and there was a lady using one of those machine where you sit and then pull the bar down to your shoulders (you know which one I'm talking about?) Anyways, this lady was using all her weight to muscle the bar down, she was leaning all the way back instead of sitting up, and she was pulling the bar all the way down to her stomach. In case you are unaware, this is not the correct method and she did look rather hilarious.

During our two months of membership at Snap Fitness we have seen so many workout fopas. One lady didn't understand that she had to keep pedling the stationary bike to keep the screen on. She kept stopping to punch in her time and the screen would go blank. I don't think she ever did figure it out. My favorite is the walker who thinks that they are suppossed to hold on to the treadmill at all times. I think they forget that it is possible to walk without holding on to something and if you keep moving your legs the treadmill won't just throw you off. Another favorite is a lady who uses every single machine and weight once and calls it a workout. She goes around the room and does one set on each machine and then leaves. That has to be the most unusual workout technique ever. Well needless to say Jadon and I get more than just a workout when we are there, we get a few good laughs as well, so keep up the good work all you Snap Fitness Members.


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