Graduation Festivities

This past week and weekend have been a whirlwind. So many things happened that I can hardly take them all in. On Thursday we drove to Haviland to see my brother graduate from college. There where so many people to catch-up with; family, friends, teachers. It was completely wonderful and completely draining. Today at about 4:00 I reached my social interaction saturation point. I was done talking.
On Friday and Saturday I got to see Aaron and Molly's house and spend some time with them. It was so wonderful. Aaron and I always were close and so it was great to spend some quality time with him and get to discuss life as married people.
Sunday consisted of graduation, church and a lot of graduation celebration. It was full of family, friends and food. All wonderful and at times, all stressful :-)
Today I was able to catch up with my best girlfriend. It's always crazy to try and fit a few years worth of experience and life into an hour of talking, but it was good.
Tomorrow we drive to Wyoming to see my family. Sometimes I dread the 12 hour drive. But right now I'm actually looking forward to having that much time to talk with Jadon and process everything that has happened this weekend.
I am once again reminded that balance in all of life is so important. I little down time is just what I need.


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