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It's been ages since I last blogged. We're living with a couple in the church right now and so life still feels like it's in transition and I haven't had a chance to just sit down at a computer and do anything other than "business". So yesterday I decided that I need to make a point to blog because it's relaxing and freeing to do, and I don't want to disappoint all of my readers ;-)
Early Monday morning my sister, Heather had her twins and so yesterday Jadon and I were able to go to Salt Lake City and visit her and all of her precious boys. Micah was born first and Noah was born 18 minutes later. Being a twin myself, it was amazing to see both of these tiny, beautiful boys. They are so small! It's an awesome thing to see the incredibleness of God's creation in their tiny little bodies. Heather now has 5 boys and of course a husband so she really is living in a "man's world". If anyone can do it though, she can!
Jadon and I are slowing getting to know the Kemmerer area and figuring out life here in Wyoming. We haven't found a house to rent or buy yet but we're looking. Until then I know that God will provide. Jadon just started preaching through Ecclesiastes. I really like it because it's such a "real" book. It's makes so much sense in our world today and I'm excited to learn more about it and what God is saying through it.
Last week Jadon and I went for a run right outside of Kemmerer and we saw our first moose since we've lived here. It was pretty exciting. We never saw stuff like that on our runs in Iowa. I'm definitely still getting used to the elevation though. Kemmerer is at 7,000 feet and on some of our runs my head starts to feel a little "airy", kind of like I'm floating. It's a crazy feeling!
Ok, enough of the serious updates!
Good News, Yesterday I figures out how to jump up and click my heels together. Do you know what I'm talking about. The run, jump, click move. Yeah, I figured it out! Jadon says I look ridiculous but I don't care. It's very freeing to do. It makes you feel more light hearted and joyous. I'm planning on perfecting the maneuver and teaching it to others who need a little pick me up. It could almost be used in place of caffeine - and if done right, it could send you to Kansas!


  1. haha i can ttly see you jumping around and Jadon just standing there telling you how stupid u look, laughing. two funny.


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