The Long Awaited Backpacking Trip

On our way out to Kemmerer we stopped at Cabelas and bought sleeping mats for backpacking. We thought that we get a chance to use them a lot before it started to get cold, but somehow life has been too busy for that until this past weekend.

We were finally able to get away and backpack in the Wind River Mountains. We hiked 5 miles up to Mirror Lake and spent the afternoon fishing. Jadon caught 2 nice sized trout and I caught 4 tiny ones. One our way in we passed a few people on their way out and they all told us that they had seen lots of fresh bear tracks around Mirror Lake. So considering that I want to live past 25 and I'd like to keep all of my limbs and my husband we hiked before dark and slept in our Expedition.

In these pictures it looks like it's warm but don't be fooled. It was cold! There was a frigid wind coming down off the mountains and it probably got down to freezing during the night.

So since the trailhead closes in September, fairwell to backpacking until next summer!


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