Tower Rock Run

I actually have something exciting for my blog. On saturday Jadon and I ran a 10K race in Manila Utah. It's just over the border, about 2 hours from Kemmerer. A 10K is 6.2 miles. I ran the same race three years ago and I loved it so when we moved out here Jadon decided to sign up for it. Anyways, on to the good stuff - I won the race in my age division!!!! There were about 90 people in the race. I came in 16th overall and I came in first in women 19-29 years old. There probably 20 women in that division so it was huge accomplishment. I finished in 43 min. 37 sec. which means that I was running 7 minute miles. I used to think I ran 8.5 minute miles, but I guess I proved myself wrong. I also got $25 for winning so it was altogether the best race ever.
Jadon did really well to. He finished 22nd overall, 4th in his age division, his time was 46.26 and he also ran faster than he ever has. He was doing 7.5 minute miles. I think we were both thrilled with how we did.
It was cold and drizzly almost the whole race but that didn't seem to affect how we ran. The canyon we ran through is called "Sheep Creek Canyon" because of all the mountain sheep in the area. After the race there were 3 mountain sheep about 10 yards from us. They were pretty young I think based on how small their horns were. It was awesome to see though, kind of like a reward for our hard work.
Well that's all for now!


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