Carlson Christmas

Yesterday was the Carlson Family Christmas Celebration. There were 31 people at my parents house. I was a lot of fun, a lot of craziness too. Lunch was suppossed to be at 1:00 but it ended up being delayed until 2:30. So as we all waited for lunch the craziness started. We started trying stupid human trick stuff. Aaron and Molly showed us this thing where you are on your knees and then you grab both of your feet and arch your back. you're suppossed to roll forward and you feel like your are going to smash your face on the floor but you don't. It was hilarious to watch people try it. Leann was really the only one who did it right. Nathaniel, Nick, and Amanda didn't have the whole roll thing going for them. They just smashed the ground. We did all sorts of things - put our whole fist in our mouths, Put a whole cup in our mouths, told funny stories. It was great! Definately one of the better Christmas's I've had over the past few years. I'm very thankful for my family even if they are all a little off their rocker in one way or another.


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