Close Call

Every now and then I a crazy urge to clean something. On Sunday I remember thinking "man I need to clean the car" So it's been on my list since then and it drives me crazy every time I climb in the car. Well this morning I finally got around to it. I vacuumed out the inside and then got ready to wipe down the seats, windows, dash etc. I loaded by arms with a bucket of water, 409, Windex, paper towels, a rag, 2 sponges and made my way out the back door to the car. I managed to place the bucket on the roof of the car without spilling it, and then attempted to open the door without dropping everything else. This was also a success. I place all the cleaning supplies inside and was just standing up to get the bucket when it fell off the roof. Water went everywhere, however the crazy thing is that it didn't get me wet. I hadn't stood all the way up yet, and the water fell just past me. It was a close call though. All that to say, the car is clean and I'm still dry!


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