Picture Catch Up!

I haven't had a chance to add pictures to my blogs for awhile, so I'm playing catch up in this blog. Here are some pictures from the Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving and our Anniversary

After the Smithfield Turkey Trot - I came in first in my age division. It's colder than it looks

Check out my running number

Before the race. You can tell I definately had more energy before the race

I dunno!

Inside the cabin we stayed at for our Anniversay. I felt a little sick, thus the saltines and sprite.

Yes, I'm hanging from the rafters in the cabin

And again! They shouldn't have put them there, if they didn't want them hung on.

It was cold in Pinedale

We celebrated our Anniversary at home on the 26th. It was a lot of fun, we dressed up and fixed a fancy meal for ourselves. I think it tasted better than a restuant too.
Shopping in Jackson Hole, WY
In front of the Elk Antler arches in Jackson
Driving out of Jackson, beautiful isn't it?
The rainbow relish tray I made for Thanksgiving


  1. I agree with you about the rafters, they shouldn't have put them there if they didn't want people to hang from them! Hahaha! Love all the pics!

  2. haha i love the ones of u ranging from the rafters, to funny. u remined me of sipiderman.

    i love your veggie tray! that's so cool


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