Training is On!

Today marks the second day of training for the Salt Lake City Marathon. I'm so excited. I know it's still a long ways off, but I'm good at anticipating thing and I'm going to get lots of practice in the 16 weeks before the Marathon.

Yesterday it warmed up some and so I decided to run outside. Jadon and I both left at the same time for our 45 minutes run, but we decided to take our own separate routes. I started out splashing through 8 inches of dirty slush (leftover from the slick roads being sanded) My feet were soaked within the first 2 minutes. I realized that the streets around town were still pretty covered in snow, or slush or muck (I'm not sure what to call it when it's melting and muddy) Anyways I decided to try a trail outside of Kemmerer in hope of a cleaner run. That worked for about half a mile until I encountered snow that almost reached my knee. There is no running in snow that deep so I had to change my plan. All of this to say that I eventually made in back home wet, muddy and a little tired of slopping through mucky streets and trails. A few minutes Jadon arrived as well. His shoes were clean, his socks were dry.
"How on earth did you stay clean?" I asked,
"where did you go?"
Turns out he went a lot of the same places I did, so I've come to the conclusion that - either the soles of his shoes are thicker than mine or - my puddle, muck and snow stepping judgement is a little off!


  1. Hahahaha! That's too funny about Jadon being clean when he got home! Maybe you should have stayed together!? Keep up the good work Audrey!


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