Why does life have to hit in flash floods and not gentle rains. Yesterday right after I finished blogging I was hobbling the whole 50 yards from the library back to our house when I hit an icy patch on the road. There was no "catching myself" - my legs flew up in the air and I landed with a crack on my tailbone. In a rush of adrenaline I scrambled up and ran inside. It didn't hurt for a few seconds and then it hit me. I felt shaky and nauseous. At that point I thought I had probably broken my tailbone because it hurts so bad. I spent the two hours before I had to leave to see the knee doctor, laying on my stomach with an ice pack on my tailbone.

At 4:00 I saw the knee doctor and since I was already getting x-rays of my knee; i told him about my tailbone and asked him to x-ray it as well. I was the last patient of the day so there wasn't the normal hour wait that I experience at most doctor's offices - which was nice.

I found out that I didn't break my tailbone, but I did crush the cartilage between those bones and so I'll probably be pretty sore for quite a while. The x-rays of my knee came back good and the doctor told me I have "I.T. Band Syndrome". The I.T. Band is the tendon that wraps around your hip, goes down the side of the leg and connects under the knee. My tendon is incredibly tight from all the running and not enough stretching so when I move my knee it slides over the top of my knee instead of below it - which is what is causing all the pain. The doctor said with physical therapy to stretch that tendon out and some anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling it should stop hurting in a few weeks.

I'm not looking forward to weeks without running, but I'm also glad that it's not anything worse. I guess I better get used to riding a bike (which honestly I hate) I guess it'll have to mind over matter on that one.


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