Eagle Gate College

On with the "knee saga" - I'm going to a bone and joint doctor today. The pain is to bad to wait any longer. I can hardly walk. Right now I don't even care what's wrong I just want to know what's causing the pain.

On a brighter note - On Monday Jadon and I went to Salt Lake City to check out a college that offers a degree to become a personal trainer. I've wanted to be a personal trainer for a few years but I've never been close to any place that offers training for it. There are on-line courses but their certification is a little iffy. If I'm going to do it, I want to go to a good school and know that I'll learn what I need to and be able to get a job afterwards.

The school is called "Eagle Gate College" - we met with an admissions lady, learned all about the program and got a tour of the school. It's a small college, classes are limited to 15 students - which I'm used to thanks to Barclay. Their personal training program looks wonderful and they have all of their graduates have gotten a job after they graduated.

The only trouble is that it is a 2 hour drive to get to the school. The course is usually a 10 month course, but I could spread it out so that I wouldn't have to drive to Salt Lake as frequently. We haven't made our final decision about it all, but it's still exciting to see the potential of actually being a personal trainer. It one of those goals in my life that might actually be realized.


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