Knee Trauma

Something is seriously wrong with my knee. Last week I ran 6 miles on Wednesday and for the first time my knee started hurting. At 3 miles I felt a few twinges of pain and by I barely made it through mile 6. It has hurt ever since. I can ride the bike but running is killer. Yesterday I decided to go to my chiropractor in Rock Springs to see if he could help me. He told my my feet where out of place and that was making my knees hurt. He adjusted my hip, knee and feet and sent me home with new insoles that he said would help.

On my way to Rock Springs the Expedition started shaking if I drove faster than 50 mph. It was scary and I didn't feel safe at all. I drove slowly to Rock Springs and after seeing the Chiropractor my dad went with me to take the vehicle to a mechanic. I'm glad my dad was there because I had no idea what they were talking about. All I understood is that something major was wrong and that it wasn't very safe to drive. They would tighten things and oil things so that it would make it back to Kemmerer but it would have to be driven slowly. So my dad drove the Expedition back to Kemmerer and I followed him in his car. We went 45 mph the whole way. Talk about a long trip.

So then once I was finally home again Jadon and I decided to go to the Rec Center and run so I could see if what the doctor did helped. Well it didn't. My knee is know worse than before I can hardly even walk right now and it's in constant pain. I have no idea what wrong and if it doesn't get better we're going to have to go see another doctor.

The worst part is just that I was so excited to training for the Salt Lake Marathon. It's always been a dream of mine and I was excited that it was going to come true - and now I'm afraid I might not even be able to run it. Yes, it is discouraging. And if you want to pray for my knee I'll take all the prayers I can get.


  1. dude that sucks! i'm sorry!
    hoppfully it will get better and then u can run again!


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