The Perfect V-Day

I want to know what teenage girl designed Valentine's Day. A day completely dedicated to love, red, pink, roses, hearts, chocolate, and oozing emotions. Not that I'm against it. The concept of Valentines Day is wonderful, it's themes and decor that I don't like. If I were to design Valentines Day the colors would be blue or brown, men would buy women North Face clothing and give them gift cards for massages. We wouldn't give conversation hearts, we would tell jokes and drink coffee. I'm sure America would love it ;-)
All of that to say that I'm a lucky girl because my husband didn't give me flowers, red, chocolate, hearts or gushing words for Valentines Day. He knows me too well and knows that I would have had to act excited while I figured out where to put the flowers and wonder if my mom's chocolate stash needed refilling. I didn't have to worry about any of that though. Jadon took me on a "treasure hunt" date. He made up riddles about where we were going. Once I figured it out we went there and did something. It was a blast. We bought treats at Maverick. Kissed in the car wash, I got to pick out gifts for myself at Alco and then went and rented chick flicks to watch that evening. It was so fun - trying to figure out the riddles, talking and laughing while we drove around town, deciding what I wanted the most at Alco, and the best part was just being with Jadon. It was a perfect Audrey Valentines Date!


  1. aww! how sweet! kissing in the car wash ^-^ i love it.


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