Doggy Baths

I know, you keep checking my blog only to be disappointed over and over again. Well not this time... finally a new blog... rejoice!

Since we've gotten our new dog Mountie I've noticed that he is much stinker than Maya. I don't know if it's just the whole male thing and boys smell worse than girls. Or, if he hasn't perfected his aim and he hits himself as well as his target. But whatever it is, Mountie stinks! So Jadon and I decided that Monday was going to be dog brushing, trimming and bathing day. We brushed both dogs, trimmed some of their insanely long fur and then took them inside for their baths. Mountie was first. He's not a fan of the bath tub and it took both Jadon and I too hold him in the tub. However we managed to get him clean even if we were sweating afterwards. Maya was up next and she was much easier to handle. She knows the routine and dutifully stands there and endures it.

Feeling good about the dogs and the loss of stench, I left the bathroom to start a load of laundry. I heard Jadon's tense voice yell "Audrey, come'er" I walked into the living room to discover a large pile of poop and a puddle of pee in the middle of the carpet- compliments go to Mountie.

I was upset. Here I had just cleaned the dogs in an effort to get rid of the stench and now there was hot steaming dog poop sinking into the carpet. I quickly grabbed a spatula from the kitchen and shoveled the nasty stuff into a trash bag. The spatula actually worked quite well, but even after sterilizing it, I'm not sure if I ever want to use it on food again. The next 20 minutes were spent scrubbing and blotting and wiping until the carpet looked and smelled normal again.

Feeling tired and frustrated Jadon and I sat down to watch some tv before bed. Around 10:30 we got up and headed to bed. I was almost in the bed room when I heard something. There was Mountie standing in the middle of the living room, peeing his little heart out. I screamed "NO" as loud as I could (which is loud) and ran at him. Jadon grabbed him and drug him out side. I was fuming mad, I felt like Mountie was trying to give paybacks for the bath we gave him. So at 11:00 I was up scrubbing the carpet again. Needless to say Mountie stayed outside all night and all the next day. The carpets have all been shampooed since then and Mountie has been let back inside, but I don't trust him yet.

So there's my story... sad but true!


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