Phobias & Winning

I mentioned in my last blog that my husband & I were going to a church conference.  I have to admit, I'm not much of a "conference person" Actually, I may have phrased that too lightly.  I actually strongly dislike large, organized, institutionalized, group meetings.  That means that a "conference" is like pulling teeth for me.  There could be a conference on running or nutrition and I still wouldn't like it.  For one thing, my butt gets sore from sitting through numerous sessions & my hip-flexors seize up from being scrunched into hard chair with no room to stretch my legs out, similar to air-plane seating.  Then there is the issue of having to use the restroom during a session.  I look down my row in both directions trying to determine the shortest route out.  Then I stand up and try to shimmy past 5 sets of knees without tripping, kicking people, stepping on a purse or landing in someones lap.  The return from the restroom is just as difficult, plus I think people feel agitated because they know I'm coming back. 

Gripe number three is that at church conferences they feed you like you're running an Ultra. Every 2 hours you get a break, where you quickly get in line to use the restroom AGAIN! (it's all that coffee I have to drink to keep from dozing off) and then you have just enough to grab what is referred to as a "refreshment" before you sit BACK down for another 2 hours.  If it's called a refreshment it should really be something like a stick of peppermint gum, a spritz of body spray, a splash of cold water, a gentle breeze, a sip of iced tea.  But no these "refreshments" are large cinnamon rolls, or brownies, or some other sweet indulgence, which in my opinion doesn't leave a person feeling refreshed, it makes them feel full and tired and ready for a long nap. 

Ok, so no more complaints.  I'm willing to recognize that there is good that comes from conferences, and that many people seem to benefit from them.  So if you are on of them, that is wonderful! However now you know why I'm squirming in my chair, doodling and yawning - it's a disorder, it's called "conferencaphobia"  There is no known treatment, except to skip conferences. 

The good news from the weekend in that I bought NEW SHOES!!!! and I LOVE THEM!!!  I bought the new Altra Intution

They are zero-drop running shoes.  I feel like I'm running in slippers they are so comfortable. I also had ZERO  IT band pain when running in them, which is a miracle.  You've got to check them out!  Honestly the guys that created them are onto something :-) 

Good thing #2 - I ran 2 races early Saturday morning before the conference started and I placed 2nd overall female in the first race and came in FIRST in the second race.  It was just a 2K and 5K to support the girl scouts but still coming in first out of 160+ runners felt amazing.  I give credit to the Altras and my pent up energy from sitting in meetings for too long.  The 2K didn't even seem like a race, I've never run a race that short, more of just a warm up.  I typically don't even run 5K's - I feel like I have to pay to much money for something that is over SO fast.  But it ended up being worth it.  I won $75 and lots of girl scout cookies.  I ran the 5K in 20:25, that's a 6:22 pace which I'm pleased with considering I haven't done speed work all winter. 

getting ready for the race

THE WINNERS - I have SWEET hat hair & NO makeup = proof that beauty has nothing to do with speed

the sole of the Altra Intuition
 So there's my weekend in a LARGE NUTSHELL.  Now I'm headed to Kansas to see my husband's WONDERFUL (I can't stress that enough) family!  I'm looking forward to warm weather, slow mornings, long runs, great conversations, and ZERO stress!  I'll have lots of pictures to post when I return.


  1. I am with you! I hate conferences or big gatherings like that of any type. Ugh. I hate trying to monitor how much I drink so I don't have to keep disturbing everyone to get up and pee, and I hate having to sit still for so long!! For the same reason I absolutely despise flying.

  2. so glad to hear there's another sane person out there ;-)


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