Let me be completely week 37 of pregnancy, I feel completely DONE with this.  I'm guessing most women do (those who don't, should consider being evaluated by a psychiatrist).  It feels like the last 6.2 miles of a marathon...only much worse.  You're so close, yet so far from the finish line.  The worst part is that the finish line isn't even a known's just a guess.  It would be equivalent to running a marathon and at mile 26.2, being told that you actually have to keep running, you're not quite there yet.

Maybe you've been there, or maybe you're wondering what it feels like.  Let me sum it up in some meme's.  They say it better than I ever could!

First, you're completely exhausted.  Good luck being productive.  Writing To Do Lists is probably a waste of time at this point...unless your wonderful other half is going to take care of that list for you. 

And yet...although you are exhausted, sleep eludes you EVERY NIGHT.  It's probably practice for the night shift you're going have to swing for the next 3-18 years.  

And so you lie awake in bed thinking....

...which doesn't help the sleep problem at all.  So you wake up the next morning feeling like this.

You also start to feel very needy and yet completely irritable at the same time.  You're poor husband is probably in a lose lose situation here.  

Then there are the physical things. You're sinuses become all stuffed up, you're voice changes, thanks to lovely hormones. In general, you're quite sure this isn't your body but only a bad dream. 

And so you put on your husband's oversized t-shirts and basketball shorts in an attempt to hide the discomfort from yourself.

You've been wearing YOGA pants for the past 6 months and now even those feel tight.  You dream of the day when your athletic apparel will once again get to fulfill the roll it was intended too.  Wait though, you'll have to buy all new clothes first though because even spandex has it's limits (which you've long since pushed past). 

Did I mention, you have no idea what your feet look like anymore.  Do you even have feet???

There are days when the whole pregnancy still seems unreal.  Is there really a baby in there? This will mess with your delirious mind and you'll wonder if possibly this bump will turn out to be a litter of puppies or if you just need to work off that burger you ate. 

No matter what that bump is, people will still want to touch it.  If only they'd like to carry it for a stint as well.  You wonder why you never bought this shirt at week 22 when all this baby bump rubbing time...if there is a next time. 

Not only will people touch you're baby bump, they'll comment on whether it is too small, too big or just right.  It's like Goldy Locks and the Three Bears everywhere you go.  Don't let it get to you though because...

You consider journaling about all your pregnancy woes but realize that if anyone every got a hold of it, this is what they would say...

So instead you push it out of your already forgetful mind and go back to napping and dreaming of the day when this precious bundle will say...

Until then you'll do all you can to be ready for that day.  I suggest know so you're ready to "throw" that baby to your husband to catch.  


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